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dadalic movieb onstage

Wayne Kramer -- MC5 -- Sherwood Forest -- April 1969

Bob Seger -- Mt. Holly -- July 1970

Bob Seger -- Sherwood Forest -- Back in '72

WTAC's Rob Namowicz -- "The Bhang"-- 1972

big6 michmons aliceout

Bob Seger 1968-- Elected to Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame 2004

Peter C. and Bob Dell as WTAC Meets The Beatles -- September 6, 1964

Peter C./Michael Moore/WWCK/'85            Peter C. WTAC DJ Booth/'75

WTAC 1978 "Baby New Year" Promotional Piece

John Lennon Memorial Gathering

Capitol Theater -- Flint

December 9. 1980

1982 T-Bird Lounge Flyer with B.C. (Billy Coleman)

"Fraternal Union of Casual Knights--Integrity Tomorrow"

Page 230--"Local DJ"

NBC Radio Network's Bob Madigan/WWCK Vice President/General Manager Nancy Dymond


WTAC Live Remote Broadcast

Peter C. Morning Show - Eastland Mall - 1970

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